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XNote: AI-Powered Notebook Transforms Handwritten Notes

Image credits: Yanko Design / YouTube

Ever wished your notebook could do more than just hold your scribbles?

Meet XNote, a smart pen and notebook combo that brings Large Language Models (LLMs) to the intersection of mind and paper.

This isn't your average smart notebook, XNote is powered by ChatGPT and it's revolutionising the way we interact with our written word. It doesn't just digitise your sketches, ideas, notes, and charts, it takes them to the next level by turning AI into your collaborator.

The magic happens in the XNote app. Running on OpenAI’s API, the app interprets texts and drawings, understands their inherent instructions, and even categorises them for easier searching later. Write a paragraph and the app can summarise it, or even translate it across 53 languages. Take notes in a meeting and the app lets you turn them into a task list, an action plan, or a Minutes-of-Meeting email that you can directly send in seconds.

The XNote pen is a marvel of engineering, with a 265mAh battery that gives it a standby time of 60 days and actual use of 7-8 hours. Data from the pen gets beamed to XNote’s app using BLE5.0, while the pen itself has 4MB of storage, equivalent to a thousand A4 pages filled with text and drawings.

The notebook matches the pen’s aesthetic with an all-black appeal. It's great for any use, whether it’s a personal journal, a work notepad, an organiser, an idea journal, a first draft of a novel, or even the notebook you write your study notes in.

The XNote runs on ChatGPT’s secure API, which means all your text is end-to-end encrypted, accessible only to you, and isn’t used to train ChatGPT’s large language models. Your notes stay stored on the cloud, although XNote also lets you keep them offline so you can reference them without an internet connection.

XNote is a game-changer. It's not just about digitising your notes, it's about enhancing them, making them more useful, and helping you get more done. It's the future of note-taking, and it's here now.

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