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TRUST_AI Charter

AI is here - and the most difficult thing about it is knowing what to trust.

That's why, at ModelProp, we've created the TRUST_AI Charter - it stands for the best in trustworthy AI, so that you can know what's had AI involved and what has not. 

What does TRUST stand for? 

T - Transparency: We commit to providing clear explanations about where we know AI is used substantially in our content, so that everyone understand the technology's involvement.

R - Responsibility: We pledge to use AI ethically and responsibly, avoiding applications that may be misleading, harmful, or compromise user privacy.

U - Understanding: We strive to ensure that our audiences are well-informed about the capabilities and limitations of AI, fostering awareness and comprehension.

S - Safety: We prioritise the safety of our users, ensuring that our AI systems undergo rigorous testing and are free from biases that could cause harm or misinformation.

T - Trustworthiness: Our promise is to build and maintain the trust of our users, adhering to the highest standards of integrity in all our AI-enhanced endeavours.

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