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Visily 2.0: Revolutionising UI Design for All

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Image credits: Visily

Visily 2.0 has finally landed, and we couldn't be more excited.

After a year of relentless effort, the company is delighted to unveil this significant milestone, a testament to its commitment to revolutionising UI design.

So, what's Visily all about? Well, the company is on a mission to empower everyone, regardless of their design prowess, to create stunning, high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes.

How does Visily do it? By harnessing the power of AI and offering an array of user-friendly design editing tools and pre-built UI components & templates. The Screenshot to Design AI and Magic Theme AI have already transformed the way teams kick-start new design projects or enhance their legacy apps' UI.

To date, Visily helped hundreds of thousands of people bring their UI concepts to life, including product managers, business analysts, software developers, and even UI designers from big names like Microsoft, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Dropbox.

To prepare for Visily 2.0, the company spent the past year engaging with hundreds of product managers, designers, and developers—both Visily users and non-users—to understand their workflows, challenges, and how they can make Visily even more helpful and productive for them. These conversations have played a crucial role in shaping the development of Visily 2.0 and continue to inspire the company as they plan future releases.

Visily 2.0 goes beyond being a mere collection of new features and improvements. It is a commitment to empower people and address app design challenges faced by modern software development teams. The platform has made significant improvements to the design editing experience to accommodate larger teams working on complex apps.

One of the highlights of Visily 2.0 is the official Visily's Plugin for Figma, which allows users to import their Visily designs into Figma in seconds. The company also introduced built-in support for flowchart shapes, connectors, and sticky notes, enabling teams to develop user flows and create 'wireflows' within a single platform!

The company also incorporated tools like the Section component to help teams better organise design canvases, a 'follow-user' mode to enhance communication, and a more optimised design canvas capable of supporting multiple concurrent users and screen designs.

Visily 2.0 marks a significant step towards the company's vision for a fast, collaborative design process for all teams.

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