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  • Mal McCallion

Video of the Week: 'Nightmare Castle' by Latent Doom

Following on from the first Sora-generated full music video a few weeks ago, here's a heavy rock composition that takes it up a further gear - the music itself is all AI generated (by's Udio), as well as the video being built in Runway.

It's all very gothic and serious on the surface but must have been quite fun to create underneath. The contrast between the guitar-wielding metal legend shown in the video versus the (likely) quiet, careful developer sitting at their keyboard creating these elements and stitching them together is amusing to wonder about.

Usual applies - this is the first of many, it will get thunderously better as each iteration of the technology and the skills to deploy it create a virtuous circle. In the meantime, just appreciate the creative process that has gone into this; they say AI will kill imagination but, just as the electric guitar and drum machines gave us another dimension to those ancient instruments, there are going to be some practitioners of AI art that are going to blow us away.

This may be their first canvas.

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