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  • Mal McCallion

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: First full AI music video

Here it is, then - the first of many.

Get used to it.

This is a song by a band called 'Washed Out'; the single is 'The Hardest Part'. It's OK, bit plinky but sweet. You wouldn't notice it if it weren't for this one fact - its video has been produced entirely by using AI. In this case it's Sora, the very impressive (at least on demos) video generator from OpenAI.

This gets more things right than it gets wrong but it's still an eerie experience. There is a lot of movement that makes you feel like you're falling down a well. Weird 'people' morph in and out of shot. The central characters are trying to maintain consistency as they grow up together from the school bus to having a baby but her curly red hair is really the only thing that retains a focus.

In short, it's the first one - so this is as bad as it's ever going to be. And it's not terrible, by any means. Worth bookmarking so that, in a couple of years, you can look back fondly at when AI was still a little bit crap sometimes.

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