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  • Mal McCallion

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Atlas Robot Reborn

Slightly freaky ... but if you were to reimagine the human body, you'd probably make it able to get up from the floor without using its arms - and spin its head and torso 360 degrees because, why not?

Boston Dynamics has previewed its new Atlas humanoid robot, replacing its previous hydraulic one with this electric version. Previously, hydraulics were believed to be necessary to generate the strength to do the superhuman tasks we're going to want our metallic minions to perform for us - however, now the pioneering company has decided (like Tesla's Optimus and Figure AI's Figure 01) that electric is the way to go.

Huge strides - well, human-sized ones at least - being made in robotics right now. Although practical applications are yet to be fully realised, Elon Musk this week tried to spike Boston Dynamics' guns by announcing that he wanted to make Optimus available to buy next year. Not sure that I'd hold my breath on that one - Musk is notoriously over-ambitious in his timings - but the direction of travel is really impressive.

Be ready to see these roaming around your house / the neighbourhood from 2030 ...

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