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London Leavers' Top Property Hotspots Uncovered!

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London's high property prices have been pushing buyers to look elsewhere, and now we know exactly where they're heading.

According to research from estate agency brand Savills, Epsom and Ewell, Epping Forest, and Dartford are the top destinations for those waving goodbye to the capital.

Between January 2022 and August 2023, 6% of all home moves outside of London were made by former Londoners. However, this trend varies across regions. Over one in 10 moves in the East and South East of England were made by London leavers, while in the North East and Scotland, they accounted for less than 2% of home movers.

Interestingly, this trend has been on the rise since before the pandemic. Between July 2017 and April 2020, only 5% of regional home moves were made by Londoners. In almost every region, the past two years have seen an increase in London leavers, with the South East and East of England witnessing the most significant rise.


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When we delve into the local level, the areas with the highest proportion of London movers are those bordering the capital. For instance, those moving to Epsom and Ewell typically come from neighbouring Sutton or Kingston upon Thames. Similarly, Redbridge and Waltham Forest residents are most likely to relocate to Epping Forest, while Bexley and Greenwich dwellers tend to move to Dartford.

But it's not just the bordering areas that are attracting London leavers. Savills' research shows that Cotswold and Bath and North East Somerset also have a high proportion of London movers.

The study also highlighted the top 10 locations with the biggest increase in London leavers over the past three years. These include traditional hotspots like Elmbridge, Tunbridge Wells, and Rushmoor. However, locations further afield, such as Waverley and Maldon, have also seen a surge in interest, suggesting that some movers are looking for better value as interest rates rise.

Frances McDonald, director of residential research at Savills, commented on the trend, "Those migrating out of London tend to journey along its traditional corridors, often moving out in the same direction as they currently live, in search of more space, often following friends or family."

It seems London leavers are on a quest for better value for money, without compromising on work or transport connections. So, if you're considering a move from the capital, these hotspots could be worth exploring!


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