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Hugging Face Unveils Open Source Robotics Project

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In a thrilling turn of events, Hugging Face, the New York-based startup renowned for its open-source repository of AI and machine learning code, is venturing into the realm of robotics.

The project is led by Remi Cadene, a former staff scientist at Tesla, adding an intriguing twist to the tale.

Hugging Face, best known for its open-source ChatGPT-rival, Hugging Chat, is now seeking to make its mark in the world of robotics. Cadene made the announcement on X, stating that the project would be "open-source, not as in Open AI". This cheeky remark not only reflects Hugging Face's commitment to open-source ethos but also playfully jabs at OpenAI's recent legal tussle with co-founder and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Cadene is on the hunt for engineers in Paris, France, to join the project. A job listing for an "Embodied Robotics Engineer" reveals more about the venture. The successful candidate will design, build, and maintain low-cost robotic systems, integrating AI technologies, particularly deep learning and embodied AI. They will also work closely with ML engineers, researchers, and product teams to develop innovative solutions that push the boundaries of robotics and AI.

This ambitious move marks a significant shift for Hugging Face, which has traditionally focused on software. The expansion comes at a time when interest in humanoid and general robotics is surging. Tesla, with its humanoid robot Optimus, and Figure, a rival that recently secured a staggering $675 million in funding from OpenAI and others, are just a couple of the players in this rapidly heating market.

The tech industry's growing interest in "embodied" AI, which moves AI off screens and into machines capable of autonomously navigating the world and assisting humans with physical tasks, is also worth noting. With the generative AI boom providing new insights into training robots more efficiently and accurately, the future of robotics looks brighter than ever.

Cadene, who worked at Tesla from April 2021 through March 2024, is no stranger to ambitious projects. We're excited to see what this new venture brings to the table.

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