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GenSwap: Luminar Neo's Game-Changer for Perfect Photos

Ever wished you could tweak your photos with a sprinkle of magic?

Well, your fairy godmother has arrived in the form of Luminar Neo's GenSwap!

Luminar Neo, the brainchild of Skylum, is renowned for its AI photo-editing prowess. Recently, it's been making waves with its foray into generative AI tools. First came the AI GenErase tool, allowing photographers to banish unwanted elements from their snaps. Now, GenSwap has entered the scene, enabling users to replace or add elements to their photos with ease.

GenSwap is the second of three generative AI tools Luminar Neo is introducing this year. The third tool, GenExpand, is set to launch in December 2023, ready to rival Photoshop's Generative Expand and Canva's Magic Expand tools.

So, how do you get started with GenSwap? First, you'll need to update to Luminar Neo 1.16.0. If you're a new user, you can choose from a range of subscription plans, starting at just $14.95 for one month.

Once you've updated or subscribed, it's time to dive into your photos. Whether you've got a catalogue of images ready to go, or you're uploading fresh snaps, you can easily select the photo you want to edit.

With your photo selected, you can access GenSwap from the Generative Tools menu on the right side of the Catalog page. Here, you'll find the GenSwap toolbar, equipped with everything you need to make your edits.

The magic really begins when you start brushing over the area you want to replace or add an element to. Once you've done this, a GenSwap prompt box will appear, where you can write a detailed description of what you want to add or replace.

Finally, hit the 'Swap' button and let Luminar Neo work its magic! In just a couple of minutes, your photo will be transformed. If you're not quite satisfied with the result, you can hit 'Swap' again, rewrite the prompt, or refine your selection area for a different outcome.

With GenSwap, you're not just editing your photos - you're creating the perfect composition. So, why not give it a whirl and see where your creativity takes you?

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