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Chainsaw-Wielding Landlord Evicts Non-Paying Tenant

Samuel Leeds

In a shocking turn of events, a landlord, Samuel Leeds, irate over non-payment of rent, resorted to using a chainsaw to evict his tenant.

He daringly documented his actions on X (the new-age Twitter), where he's seen slicing a gigantic hole into the PVC front door of his property.

Leeds, unapologetic about his drastic actions, captioned the video, "This is what happens when you stop paying and refuse to leave my property. Sue me. You're a guest and have no rights."

In an interview with the Daily Star, Leeds defended his actions by arguing that most people occupying his properties are not tenants but guests. He explained that they stay under a Guest Terms of Hire agreement, not the typical Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) contract. In his view, this equates their rights to those of hotel guests. "If they don't pay, they simply can't stay," he stated.

When questioned about potential legal repercussions, Leeds remained unfazed. He confidently stated, "I am not at all worried about legal troubles. I took rigorous legal advice before entering the property and have a large team of lawyers that work for me. I've been to court many times and always win."

Leeds concluded by expressing his appreciation for the majority of his tenants, whom he described as "fabulous." However, he lamented that the occasional bad tenant tarnishes the overall image of tenants.

This incident has sparked a heated debate on tenant rights and the extent to which landlords can go to enforce their property rights. As the conversation continues, it's clear that this chainsaw eviction will not be forgotten anytime soon.

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