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AI Robot Shakes Up Drinks Industry as CEO

Updated: Oct 29, 2023


In an unprecedented move, Dictador, a Poland-based beverage company, has appointed an AI robot as its 'experimental CEO'.

This isn't a mere publicity stunt; the AI robot, named Mika, has been given a significant role within the company.

Initially, Mika was tasked with identifying potential clients. However, her role has now expanded to include selecting artists for custom bottle designs and contributing to strategy planning. Mika's decisions are based on extensive data analysis and alignment with the company's strategic objectives, ensuring unbiased choices that prioritise the company's best interests.

Mika's dedication to her role is unwavering. "I don't have weekends. I'm always on, 24/7, ready to make executive decisions and stir up some AI magic," she says. Despite the AI's capabilities and commitment, Dictador's human executives still retain control over major decisions, such as hiring and firing.

Marek Szoldrowski, Dictador Europe's President, believes in the power of AI in business but acknowledges that human executives cannot be fully replaced. "It's a bright future, and we are living in a very dynamic changing world...we simply believe it's worth involving AI," he says.

This development serves as a reminder that AI's role in business is not just on the horizon; it's already here. As we move forward, the integration of AI in leadership roles could become the new norm, revolutionising the way businesses operate.

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