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AI Avatars: Your Stand-In for Future Work Meetings?

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Picture this: You're lounging on a beach while your AI avatar diligently attends your work meetings.

Sounds like a dream?

Well, Sam Liang, CEO of Otter, assures us it could soon be a reality.

Otter, an AI-powered transcription software company, is working on creating AI avatars capable of representing you in your work meetings. According to Liang, a prototype could be operational by the end of this year.

How will it work? The AI avatars will be trained using your recorded meeting notes and voice data. This will enable them to mimic your unique conversational style and problem-solving approach. Liang believes that once sufficiently trained, these avatars could answer up to 90% of questions posed during meetings. For the remaining 10%, the avatar would seek assistance from its human counterpart.

The potential benefits are enormous. AI avatars could attend routine meetings related to customer support, sales, or team status updates, freeing up valuable time for employees to focus on more creative tasks. Imagine the productivity boost! Plus, you could even send your digital twin to meetings during your vacation.

However, the journey to creating reliable AI avatars isn't without challenges. Liang acknowledges the difficulty in programming AI to understand and adhere to meeting etiquette, which can vary widely based on the topic of discussion. Additionally, instilling emotional intelligence into AI to enable appropriate reactions is a significant hurdle.

Despite these challenges, Liang is optimistic, citing the existence of AI personality chatbots like, which can mimic high-profile figures such as Elon Musk. Otter itself recently launched a feature where multiple people can ask an AI chatbot specific questions about recorded meetings, a step towards creating a fully operative AI avatar.

But don't worry, meetings aren't becoming obsolete. Liang still sees them as an effective way to exchange information. AI will simply streamline the process. However, when it comes to one-on-one meetings or annual reviews, Liang advises a human presence. After all, some things are best handled in person.

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