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Adobe's Project Music GenAI Control: A New Tune

Image credits: Rubaitul Azad / Unsplash

Adobe is adding a fresh note to the symphony of AI-powered music creation tools with their latest innovation, Project Music GenAI Control. Revealed at the Hot Pod Summit in Brooklyn, this platform is music to the ears of those seeking a unique spin on audio generation.

Project Music GenAI Control is designed to create audio from text descriptions or reference melodies, allowing users to customise the results within the same workflow. Whether it's adjusting the tempo, remixing music, or creating an endless loop, this tool hits all the right notes.

Developed in collaboration with researchers at the University of California and Carnegie Mellon, Project Music GenAI Control is currently in the research stage. Adobe's head of audio and video AI research, Gautham Mysore, emphasises that this tool places users in the director's seat, enabling them to express their musical ideas without needing to be composers.

However, the proliferation of AI-created music, artwork, and text is striking a chord of ethical and legal concerns. Issues around copyright violations and the commercialisation of AI-generated music in the style of other artists are yet to be resolved.

Adobe is keen to avoid potential IP issues and is developing watermarking technology to identify audio produced by Project Music GenAI Control. Mysore assures that Adobe takes a responsible approach to these issues and believes that musicians and tools like Project Music GenAI Control can coexist harmoniously, leading to the birth of new musical ideas.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development in the world of AI and music creation!

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