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Zuckerberg's AI Assisted Hair-Braiding Wins Hearts

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Image Credits: Mark Zuckerberg / Instagram

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has found an endearing way to demonstrate the everyday potential of his company's technology.

In a recent Instagram post, the tech billionaire shared a video of himself using Meta's AI to learn how to braid his daughter's hair, winning the internet's collective heart in the process.

Zuckerberg, donning Meta's new Smart Glasses, followed step-by-step instructions provided by the AI to create a simple braid. "Hey Meta, how do you make a braid?" he asked, prompting the AI to guide him through the process of separating the hair into three sections and crossing them over one another. Despite his self-confessed lack of experience, Zuckerberg managed to complete the hairstyle, much to his own amusement. "Well, here goes nothing," he quipped, "I'm not the most experienced braider, but I think we can get this done!"

The video also showcased another neat feature of the AI technology – the ability to take and send a photo without lifting a finger. "Hey Meta, take a photo and send it to Priscilla," Zuckerberg instructed, referring to his wife, Priscilla Chan.

The post, which was also shared on Facebook, was met with an outpouring of positive responses. Many followers enjoyed the glimpse into the father-daughter bonding time, with one commenting, "This is one of your most beautiful creations." Another added, "Adorable and one of the most important skills for sure."

Zuckerberg explained in the post that the technology he was using, known as ExecuTorch, allows AI models to run directly on devices like phones and wearables without needing a connection to a server. "This is how Meta AI runs on our new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses," he wrote.

This charming demonstration of AI's practical applications is a reminder that technology isn't just about high-tech gadgets and futuristic concepts. Sometimes, it's as simple as helping a dad braid his daughter's hair. Now, that's a tech win we can all get behind!

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