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  • Mal McCallion

Your 'everything' AI Assistant is here

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Like your AI bots to be single-track?

Confused by the sheer weight of possibility baked-in to Chat-GPT?

Prefer to have an avatar to make enquiries of, rather than a blank input box staring pityingly at you, whilst you strive to conjure a meaningful prompt?

Here's your answer - the geniuses at MindOS have created geniuses for every situation you, poor human, can find yourself in.

There's one for news. One for travel guides. One for market analysis and another for stock tips. Oh look! There's even one for interpreting your dreams and another navigating the EU's party-pooping AI Act!!

Plenty to have some fun with - and, as someone who much prefers visual learning to text learning, I can see the attraction. But I also like efficiency - and having to swap between different AI Assistants for different tasks strikes me as a whole load of friction that I don't necessarily need in my life.

Still, interesting to see how different businesses are trying out models that can try and separately monetise these foundational Large Language Models (LLMs). Perhaps, somewhere, there's an AI Assistant who can find the best ones of those?

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