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Virtual Popstar Noonoouri: AI's Latest Chartbuster

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Meet Noonoouri, the first digital character with an AI-edited voice to land a major record deal.

Noonoouri, a virtual avatar brought to life by German designer Joerg Zuber, has officially released her debut single following her signing with industry heavyweight Warner Music. This monumental deal could potentially set the tone for the future of the music industry.

Noonoouri isn't just any digital character. She has her own personality, biography, and even social media accounts. She first gained prominence in 2018 as the first digital character to secure a fashion deal, signing with Dior and earning her status as the first-ever "virtual influencer".

Now, she's making waves in the music industry. Her debut single, "Dominoes", is a collaboration with German DJ Alex Faber. The team behind Noonoouri used AI to modify a real singer's voice, giving the character her unique singing voice.

While this is an exciting development, it has also raised some eyebrows. The Musician’s Union in the UK has called for stricter legislative controls on new technology, citing AI as a potential threat to the music industry ecosystem.

Despite these concerns, the rise of AI in the music industry is undeniable. From the creation of virtual popstars to the use of AI in completing The Beatles' final single, AI is proving to be a game-changer in the world of music.

So, next time you're grooving to your favourite tune, remember that the voice you're listening to might just be the product of cutting-edge AI technology. And who knows? The next big hit on the charts might just be sung by a virtual popstar!

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