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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Google Astra Project

Anyone remember Google Glass?

Back in pre-history (2013), Google launched a trial of its Google Glass product. It was one of the first - and certainly the most (ahem) eye-catching - 'Augmented Reality' (AR) wearables. Its intention was to allow you to swing your head around and 'see' annotations and enhanced information about whatever you were looking at.

It died as a consumer product in 2015, beset by privacy issues, battery life problems and limited functionality (although it has lived on quietly as an enterprise product for manufacturing, logistics and healthcare professionals, excelling in hands-free environments).

But look!


Through these new glasses!!!

Project Astra was revealed at Google's annual shindig (officially called 'I/O' for reasons too boring to go into here) last week. In terms of form, it's basically Google Glass but better functionality, better AI (therefore understanding), better timing (ie we're ready for it) and better presentation.

Is this the new smartphone we're all going to be wearing in a few years? I can't deny that I'm pretty excited by it. Whilst Apple has launched the bulky and pricey Vision Pro, and Meta is still messing about with (ex-Oculus) Quest and the metaverse, Google might be just about to deliver over a decade's worth of stealth development right between (and across) our eyeballs.


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