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  • Mal McCallion

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Dream Machine from Luma AI

Updated: Jun 18

VIDEO: From Luma AI via Kaku Drop

One of the reasons for introducing ModelProp's 'Video of the Week' feature in 2024 was in anticipation of AI videography becoming this year's breakout advance in the technology.

Now, not only have we had the insanely good #Sora from OpenAI - which set the standard, but is not yet available to the public - we've now got #Luma AI delivering what could be even better. And this time you can try it yourself, here:

As with all of these new developments, a pinch of salt is needed as you view the examples that are released - they tend to either have some enhancement outside of the app itself or take the creator days or weeks to complete. However, as I find myself saying with a heck of a lot of breakthroughs recently - this is as bad as it's ever going to be. It is going to get much, much better/faster/more accessible from here.

And, with a competitor now delivering, it's likely that the booster rockets under Sora will get switched up so that it becomes available soon too.

Just to show how all of these things are coming together, as well - here's a music video created using LumaAI. The song itself sounds eerily like Billie Eilish, to the point that I used #Shazam to try and identify it - with no luck. Turns out that it's a new composition made entirely using another eye-popping AI tool, a music one called #Suno AI.

This is going to be wild.

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