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Updated: May 16

"We missed the mark with this ad, and we're sorry."

Unusual - but possibly welcome - acknowledgement from Apple that this ad offends many of those that consider the brand to be part of their very being. Creatives have used Apple machines to build the future since Steve Jobs first started selling the machines 48 years ago.

But this ad crushes the real-world tools of a lot of these peoples' creativity. A piano. Books. A record player, a statue, paint, trombone, desktop screen, guitar, camera ... stuff that represents humanity's imaginative deployment of technology to make art.


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And having crushed it all, it then reveals that the squished down result is one very thin iPad.

This technologising of humanity's physical triumphs has resulted in many people being very cross indeed. It's actually quite an impactful ad - albeit a little crass, with even the music being Sonny & Cher's "All I ever need is you" - which is presumably why the apology from Apple didn't come with the actual removal of the video itself.

Controversy drives eyeballs, right?

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