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  • Mal McCallion

Video of the Week: AI Agents are Coming

Anyone that's heard me speak about the future of AI, knows that AI Agents is where I think some of the biggest gains are going to be made in businesses.

Here's a really neat video from Microsoft that summarises what we can expect very well. It shows multiple AIs working together to onboard an employee (video is less than 2 mins long so worth a look). Ignoring the gratuitous - but possibly acceptable - highlighting of Office 365 as being a key part of the process, it shows how, with the right set-up, how a very time-consuming admin task can just be handled behind the scenes without human intervention.

These are some of the reasons that AI is going to change everything. All of those really boring jobs? Gone.

Humans doing human things together - machines doing machine stuff together. This is not as far away as you might think ...


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