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Unleashing Creativity: PhotoRoom's AI Revolutionises Design Process

Image credits: Photoroom

The monotonous tasks that often interrupt your creative flow are now a thing of the past, thanks to PhotoRoom.

This Paris-based AI photo editor is revolutionising the design process, letting creatives focus on what they do best: creating.

PhotoRoom specialises in background removal and generation, harnessing the power of generative AI to optimise visual content. It's not just about the tech, though. The team at PhotoRoom believes that AI will enhance, not replace, the work of designers. By automating laborious tasks like cutting, cropping, and comping, creatives can spend more time on ideation and experimentation.

The impact of PhotoRoom's tools isn't just theoretical. The company's own design team has seen their workflow transformed. Instead of spending hours on touch-ups in Photoshop or trawling stock image sites, they can quickly create their own assets or manipulate images in intuitive ways. This means more time spent on discussing content, style, tone, and graphic qualities - the fun parts of the creative process.

PhotoRoom is also committed to fair compensation for creatives. They're working on adding invisible watermarks to images for full attribution to creators of its AI model. They're also partnering with industry-leading image licensing companies and commissioning work directly from photographers and designers worldwide.

So, what's next for PhotoRoom? They've just launched a feature for custom scenes, allowing users to input their own content to generate new custom images. They're also developing a prop generation feature, enabling users to add new elements to any image. These steps will help brands retain their unique visual identity, even when using generative AI.

In the world of design, PhotoRoom is making sure that AI stands for 'Artistic Inspiration'.

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