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  • Mal McCallion

The AI of you

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Synthesia shot to fame a few years ago by making David Beckham - never known for his sparkling chat - speak nine different languages.

The worthy cause was fighting malaria in multiple countries - the not-entirely-unplanned side-effect was Synthesia's AI systems getting a lot of attention.

Over the years since, Synthesia has made some big strides. Now you can - as the video above shows - create an AI avatar of yourself. There are multiple use-cases for this, some showcased by the Wall Street Journal, including trying to defraud your bank. Key, though, is the potential for 'you' to be involved in training videos and/or marketing videos without, you know, having to say all of the boring words. You just type them in and - voila! - your bot does the rest.

This is another strand of development that is going to shoot forward in the coming months. One of the joys is going to be comparing the results that are happening right now with those that will be in place even six months down the line.

Another reason to keep a very close eye on this space - or just make sure you're subscribed to our blog here at ModelProp. (Go to the bottom of the homepage and join us!)

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