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  • Mal McCallion

Text-to-Video is here - and it's crazy

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Runway's Gen-2 model allows you to type a prompt which will then turn into a short video. You can then knit these together to form a longer-form version, which is where many of the freakish ads are starting to appear from.

Make no mistake - it's a colossal achievement. The fact that there is anything to critique at all is a significant advance. These are the early days of what will become something that we take for granted in due course.

For now, however, it's still not quite there.

I wrote a prompt 'A robot teacher, helping a class to learn'. This was what it created;

It took about 2 minutes, which is quite mind-blowing when you think about it - although already I'm trained to expect this now.

Honest thoughts? It's really clever ... but what on earth would I use it for? Perhaps in due course I can make an advert for ModelProp, with a robot teacher showcasing our Marketing AI product, but right now it's too short and wonky to be of any real use.

The leaps that they have made so far are massive and this is definitely a space (and a product) to watch. However, at this point it's for those that love new tech for tech's sake - not (yet) for those that are looking for AI tools to help their businesses grow.

I'll let you know when that changes ...

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