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Teens' AI Startup Revolutionises Workflow Automation

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Meet Induced AI, the brainchild of two teenage tech whizzes, which is set to revolutionise the way businesses automate their workflows. Backed by big names like Sam Altman, Peak XV, and Daniel Gross and Nat Friedman’s AI grant, Induced AI is making waves in the tech world.

Founded in 2023, Induced AI offers businesses an innovative way to automate repetitive tasks typically handled by back offices. The platform allows users to input their workflows in plain English, which it then converts into pseudo-code in real time.

But what sets Induced AI apart is its unique approach to browser interaction. The platform creates Chromium-based browser instances that can read on-screen content and control the browser like a human. This means it can interact with websites that don't have an API, opening up new possibilities for workflow automation.

Zapier pioneered the API integration economy, offering businesses a way to connect disparate applications and automate workflows. Now, Induced AI co-founders, 18-year-old Aryan Sharma and 19-year-old Ayush Pathak, are betting they can do the same for browser-native workflows.

Induced AI's workflows can handle complex, logic-driven processes, including two-factor authentication dialogues. The platform uses a bi-directional interaction system, allowing for human involvement when necessary, while autonomously managing the rest.

Unlike existing models, Induced AI eliminates the need for manual HTML tagging. The system can understand instructions from English inputs and dynamically adjust them for tweaks.

Induced AI is already making an impact, with several small to mid-sized companies, including a sales firm, signing up for its services. The startup has also raised $2.3 million in seed funding from investors including SignalFire, Untitled Ventures, and SV Angel.

In the words of SignalFire's Elaine Zelby, "Induced is the definition of RPA 3.0. Not only are they taking a huge leap forward in providing true human-like interaction and efficiency, they democratize access by allowing users to describe their workflows in natural language and execute parallel agents any back-office workflow."

Watch this space, because Induced AI is definitely a startup to keep an eye on!

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