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Slack's New AI: Summarising Channels and Finding Answers

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Slack, the widely-used workplace communication platform, is set to test its new built-in AI tool this winter.

Named Slack AI, the tool is designed to summarise threads, recap channel highlights, and search for answers within your messages.

Slack AI's features include channel recaps, which automatically generate summaries of messages sent on a specific channel. This could help users sift through unrelated chatter and catch up on important conversations they might’ve missed. The tool can also summarise threads, making it easier to follow complex discussions.

Another feature of Slack AI is its ability to search for answers based on relevant messages, files, and channels within Slack. Users can ask the tool a question to review discussions about a particular topic. Slack AI will then generate a summary of that topic, complete with a link to the relevant conversation.

In addition to Slack AI, the platform will also start testing Slack Lists this winter. This feature allows users to track team projects, monitor who is assigned to specific tasks and their progress, all from within Slack. It seems set to compete with planning apps like Asana and Airtable.

Slack has been steadily integrating AI into its platform. Earlier this year, it launched the ChatGPT bot and an AI tool that can attend audio-only meetings on a user's behalf. As Slack continues to innovate, AI is playing a significant role in shaping the future of workplace communication. However, the effectiveness of these tools remains to be seen.

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