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Slack Introduces AI-Powered Search and Summarisation

Image Credits: Slack

Slack, the popular enterprise communications platform, has launched new features aimed at making the vast amount of information on its platform more accessible.

This includes an AI-powered search tool and the ability to summarise information within channels.

Slack's Chief Product Officer, Noah Weiss, acknowledges that the platform has become a repository for corporate knowledge, albeit in an unstructured way. The challenge lies in surfacing this valuable information. With the integration of generative AI capabilities, Slack can now extract meaning and intelligence from the wealth of data created over the years on its platform.

Last year, Slack announced the incorporation of generative AI into its platform and the creation of SlackGPT, a variant of generative AI tailored for Slack content. The latest announcement focuses on applying this technology in more specific ways.

Channel summaries, for instance, help employees catch up after time off or avoid reading lengthy threads by providing a concise summary of the discussion. The AI model generates a summary of all topics discussed, complete with references to show how the summary was created.

Slack also enables users to ask questions naturally, with the AI delivering sourced answers. Users can rate the quality of the answers, helping the model learn and system engineers assess its performance.

This AI-powered search and summarisation feature is an add-on product for enterprise plans and is currently available in the U.S. and U.K. in English. The company plans to roll out additional languages in the near future.

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