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Shortwave: Revolutionising Email with AI Power

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Meet Shortwave, the game-changer in the world of email apps.

This isn't just another email application; it's a system that transforms your chaotic inbox into an organised, actionable to-do list. Plus, it comes with a friendly ChatGPT-like assistant that you can chat with in a sidebar as you work through your emails.

So, what sets Shortwave apart in the crowded AI email app market? The secret lies in its unique server-side component. Your email is synced to Shortwave’s servers, which are equipped with a robust cluster of GPUs. This allows the app to support AI features that require heavy processing, like embedding emails or running x-encoding models during searches.

Shortwave offers a myriad of features designed to boost your productivity and streamline your email management. You can ask questions and get quick answers based on your email history, reorder threads with a simple drag and drop, and even condense emails into concise summaries using AI.

Writing emails has never been easier, thanks to Shortwave's AI suggestions. You can maintain your unique style while getting assistance from AI. Scheduling meetings is also a breeze with AI-generated emails.

Shortwave also offers custom email delivery, allowing you to control email interruptions with tailored delivery schedules. Plus, you can highlight important threads and set reminders for others with the pin and snooze features.

Looking ahead, Shortwave's roadmap includes exciting features like detailed inbox summaries and natural language-based email filters.

But how does it all work? Shortwave uses AI in a unique way - to find the most relevant data to answer questions, not just for text generation. It uses advanced algorithms to analyse queries and determine what data sources would be useful to formulate a response.

Shortwave's AI search scans your entire email history looking for matches, ranking results from thousands of potential matches using AI models running on their GPUs. This context-driven, data-focused approach makes Shortwave seem more capable and intelligent than solutions that just pass questions directly to a general LLM.

In a nutshell, Shortwave is the future of email management - an AI-powered tool that makes dealing with emails a breeze.

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