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Runway ML and Getty Images: AI Video Revolution

Image credits: VentureBeat / OpenAI DALL-E 3

Ever wondered what the future of video content looks like?

Well, it's here and it's powered by artificial intelligence. Runway ML, a New York-based video AI startup, is making waves in the industry with its latest partnership with Getty Images.

The collaboration aims to develop a new generative AI video model: Runway <> Getty Images Model (RGM). This model will serve as a baseline for companies to build their own custom models for video content generation. Runway's enterprise customers can fine-tune RGM using their proprietary datasets, enabling them to enhance their creative capabilities and provide new channels for video creation.

The partnership is particularly significant as it targets major visual industries such as Hollywood, advertising, and media. The backing of Getty Images not only adds a new layer of legitimacy to Runway ML’s AI capabilities but also provides a new source of data for training its models.

While the partnership has raised some eyebrows, particularly among Getty Images photographers and contributors, it's clear that Runway ML is setting its sights on penetrating some of the biggest visual media industries in the world.

The partnership comes after some major upgrades by Runway to its video-generating AI web-based software app, Gen-2. These upgrades include a new motion brush, new camera motions, and an upgrade in the fidelity and realism of the resulting videos.

Despite facing stiff competition from other AI startups, Runway ML is emerging as a leader in generative video AI. So, keep your eyes peeled for the next big thing in video content creation!

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