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  • Mal McCallion

Rightmove's Slam Dunk: New campaign, same message?

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Rightmove's latest marketing campaign is all about a slam dunk, aiming to convince potential buyers that a move is possible.

The new advert, part of their Autumn campaign, features a young lad striving to dunk a basketball after moving to a new home with his recently-divorced dad. Notwithstanding the fact that this particular sport isn't the community-joining, young-person Esperanto that the makers seem to assume, it's also just a bit rubbish.

It's claimed that the ad will reach an eyebrow-raising 51 million people (76% of the entire population of the UK), capturing the attention of potential movers at the start of the Autumn house-hunting season.

The campaign will also utilise outdoor media, video-on-demand and social media activity, directing audiences across all platforms to explore agents’ listings on Rightmove.

Matt Bushby, Chief Marketing Officer at Rightmove, said: “Our vision is to give everyone the belief that they can make their move. This new direction comes from insight that not all moves are linear, something that agents will be very familiar with."

One thing that is pretty linear, of course, is Rightmove's ever-increasing charges to agents to pay for ads like this. Whereas in the past some of the ads have been memorable (the 2017 one with the stairs was quite sweet), this one feels like they've sat around with a pile of cash on the table and shovelled it across to the first agency that walked through the door.

The sense is most definitely of a business going through the motions, having to do something to show that they're not just buying back shares with all their spare moolah (although that is mostly what they are doing).

The real message that comes through from this campaign? Rightmove has too much money.

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