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Pets in Rentals: A Pawsitive Impact, Says Study

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Furry friends in rentals?

Landlords, it's time to reconsider your "no pets" policy. A recent report, commissioned by Battersea and led by the University of Huddersfield, Sheffield Hallam University, and Brunel University, has some surprising insights.

The study, the first of its kind, analysed the economic cost-benefit of landlords letting to tenants with dogs and cats. Over 2,000 private landlords and 1,000 private renters participated, and the findings are bound to raise some eyebrows.

Contrary to popular belief, the average total reported cost of pet-related damage was a mere £300 per tenancy. In contrast, non-pet-related damage caused by tenants without pets came in at a whopping £775. That's right, pet-owning tenants are causing less damage than their pet-less counterparts!

But the benefits don't stop there. The study found that pet-owning renters tend to stay longer in their properties, with 50% residing in their previous accommodation for over three years. This compares to just 31% of non-pet-owning renters. Longer, more stable tenancies? That's a win for landlords!

The report also highlights the importance of the draft Renters Reform Bill. If passed, 29% of renters without pets would consider becoming pet owners, further increasing the pool of responsible, long-term tenants.

Ben Parker, public affairs manager at Battersea, believes the report helps dispel myths about pets and damages in the private rental sector. He emphasises the potential of the Renters Reform Bill to benefit both pet owners and landlords, while ensuring properties remain protected.

So, landlords, it's time to embrace the pawsitive impact of pets in rentals. As the saying goes, a house is not a home without a pet. And who doesn't want tenants who treat their rental property like home?

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