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OpenAI and Arizona State University Join Forces

Image credit: VentureBeat

Arizona State University (ASU) is about to get a high-tech upgrade, courtesy of OpenAI, the leading generative AI company.

ASU announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with OpenAI to integrate the company's technology into the university's institutional processes.

ASU President Michael M. Crow expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating, "ASU recognises that augmented and artificial intelligence systems are here to stay. Our collaboration with OpenAI reflects our philosophy and our commitment to participate directly in the responsible evolution of AI learning technologies."

ASU aims to utilise OpenAI's tech in three main areas: enhancing student success, forging new avenues for innovative research, and streamlining organisational processes. The specifics of how ASU will integrate OpenAI’s generative AI solutions are yet to be revealed. The partnership will kick off with an "open challenge" in February, inviting faculty and staff to submit their ideas for best-use scenarios.

ASU's plans include granting "full access" to ChatGPT for Enterprise tier to the university starting in February 2024. The university plans to build a personalised AI tutor for students, not only for certain courses but also for study topics. ASU also plans to use ChatGPT Enterprise to develop AI avatars as a "creative buddy" for studying certain subjects.

Despite not being predominantly known for its programs in AI or computer science, ASU sees potential in embracing the technology to aid its educational delivery across various fields and domains.

The integration of AI into education has had a bumpy road, with concerns about students using AI to complete assigned coursework. But with more people growing comfortable with AI tools, the partnership between ASU and OpenAI seems timely. Other AI tools are already targeting the education sector, making OpenAI's move into this arena both defensive and reactive.

This partnership is a significant step for OpenAI's ambitions to become a core tech provider across sectors and may help the company's image as it faces criticisms for its training practices and military agreements. The future of education at ASU is looking increasingly AI-driven, and it will be interesting to see how this partnership unfolds.

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