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Microsoft Teams Boosts AI Features for Smarter Meetings

Image credits: Sunder Muthukumaran / Unsplash

Microsoft is taking its Teams platform to the next level, enhancing its AI-powered Copilot feature to make meetings smarter, more interactive, and easier to follow.

Copilot, already known for its ability to summarise Teams meetings, is set to become even more advanced. In the coming months, it will merge spoken transcripts and written chats into a single view, making it simpler for users to catch up on missed meetings.

But that's not all. Microsoft is also refining Copilot's message composing capabilities in chat. Teams users will soon be able to rewrite messages in unique ways, adding a touch of personality or urgency to their communications. As Microsoft amusingly puts it, "Copilot can adjust your message to add a call to action, or like how a pirate would speak."

The intelligent call recap feature, a staple of traditional Teams calls, is also getting a boost. Set to be generally available next quarter with Teams Premium, this feature will automatically take notes during calls, allowing users to summarise a phone call and see follow-up actions without the need for manual note-taking.


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These AI enhancements, while seemingly small, collectively contribute to a more versatile and intelligent Copilot within Teams. The integration of Copilot in Teams remains one of Microsoft's most impressive AI integrations, quickly recapping meetings and even pinpointing when a user was mentioned.

Microsoft isn't stopping there, though. The tech giant is also launching new hybrid meeting features within Teams, aimed at improving the experience for both remote and in-room participants. The IntelliFrame feature in Teams Rooms will soon benefit from automatic camera switching, using AI to select the best camera in a meeting room for optimal viewing.

Speaker recognition will also be available for any microphone in Teams Rooms from April, allowing users to enrol their voice and face profile for accurate transcription during meetings.

In a final exciting update, Microsoft announced new carrier partnerships for its Teams Phone Mobile feature, which provides a single number for Teams and mobile devices. AT&T, Odido, Virgin Media O2, and Vodafone UK are among the new partners set to offer Teams Phone Mobile later this year. With these enhancements, Microsoft Teams is set to become an even more powerful tool for efficient and intelligent communication.


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