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Microsoft's Copilot Joins GenAI Music Scene with Suno

Image Credits: Microsoft

Microsoft's AI-powered chatbot, Copilot, is hitting a high note with its latest feature.

Thanks to an integration with GenAI music app Suno, Copilot can now compose songs based on user prompts. Fancy a pop song about family adventures? Just type it in and let Suno work its magic, generating complete songs from lyrics to instrumentals and vocals.

To access this musical marvel, users simply need to log into Copilot via Microsoft Edge and enable the Suno plug-in. Microsoft believes this partnership will "open new horizons for creativity and fun," making music creation accessible to everyone.

However, the rise of GenAI-driven music tech isn't without its sour notes. Ethical and legal dilemmas surrounding AI-synthesized music are still being debated. Questions around fair use, artist consent, and compensation are yet to be resolved. Suno, however, assures users that it attempts to block certain prompts and prevents the uploading of existing song lyrics to generate covers.

As the legal symphony plays out, GenAI music continues to gain popularity, with homemade tracks going viral. The future of AI music creation is certainly exciting, but it seems the industry will need to fine-tune its approach to ensure a harmonious outcome for all.

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