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Microsoft's AI Invasion: Notepad Next in Line

Image credits: Windows / Unsplash

Microsoft's commitment to making 2024 "the year of the AI PC" is evident as it gears up to introduce a new generative AI feature in its built-in Windows application, Notepad.

Although the tech giant has not made an official announcement, Windows enthusiasts have unearthed code in the latest Windows 11 test builds suggesting the imminent arrival of a new 'Cowriter' feature.

This feature seems to employ the same credits system used in Microsoft's Cocreator feature in Paint, indicating the number of times users can utilise these AI-powered features. While Microsoft has yet to reveal the pricing for these credits, it's likely that charges will apply once the allocated credits are exhausted. This model mirrors Bing's system, where image creation via DALL-E slows down once the 'daily boosts' run out.

Windows testers have discovered additional references to a waitlist for the feature and a hero image potentially used for marketing the new Notepad Cowriter. The image style aligns with Microsoft's marketing for its Copilot features in Office apps like Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint.

These findings suggest that Microsoft may soon officially announce the Cowriter feature for beta testing, similar to its approach with the Paint generative image feature, which underwent months of testing before being rolled out to all Windows 11 users.

Notepad, once a simple Windows app untouched for over three decades, has seen significant improvements in Windows 11, with the addition of a dark mode, tabs, character count, autosave, automatic restoration of tabs, and even a virtual fidget spinner.

While some users may welcome these AI features in Windows apps, others might prefer Microsoft to continue enhancing Notepad in more meaningful ways, especially with the impending removal of WordPad from Windows after nearly 30 years. If Notepad is to gain another new feature, an optional spellcheck might be more appreciated than AI-generated text.

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