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LinkedIn Leverages AI for Game-Changing Updates

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

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Image credits: Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned networking giant, is celebrating its 21st birthday with a bang!

To keep its nearly 1 billion users engaged, LinkedIn is unwrapping a host of new AI features across its job hunting, marketing and sales products.

First off, the Recruiter talent sourcing platform is getting a major AI upgrade. Recruiters can now use more conversational language to find the perfect candidate, and AI will suggest potential candidates outside of the recruiter's initial search parameters.

Next up, LinkedIn Learning is introducing an AI-powered "learning coach". Initially focusing on soft skills, this chatbot will provide advice and course recommendations to users. For instance, if you're wondering, "How can I delegate tasks and responsibility effectively?", the learning coach is there to guide you!

LinkedIn's marketing sector is also getting an AI boost with a new product called Accelerate. This tool aims to make running campaigns on LinkedIn easier, bypassing the technical heavy lifting. However, it's worth noting that Accelerate is limited to campaigns and data within LinkedIn.

Finally, Inside Sales is getting an AI makeover. Salespeople focused on B2B selling can now use an AI search function to find potential connections and easily initiate conversations with leads.

These AI-powered features are not only a testament to LinkedIn's commitment to staying current but also a nod to the growing importance of AI in the world of work. So, whether you're a job hunter, a recruiter, a marketer or a salesperson, get ready for a smarter, more streamlined LinkedIn experience!

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