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Landlords Seek Green Upgrades: New British Gas Report

Image credits: Property Industry Eye

The private rental sector is going green, with a whopping 81% of landlords acknowledging that their properties need further eco-friendly enhancements, according to a recent report by British Gas.

The study highlights landlords' environmental concerns and their belief that both the UK government and the general public are not doing enough to combat climate change. A surprising 56% of landlords expressed this sentiment.

Interestingly, only 30% of landlords have received requests from tenants for green technology installations. However, when such requests are made, landlords are generally responsive, with 61% agreeing to install the requested technology.

The question of who should foot the bill for these environmental improvements yielded mixed responses. While 31% of landlords believed it was their sole responsibility, 28% felt it was a shared responsibility between them and the government.

The role of the tenant in organising and overseeing installations was also a point of contention. A third of landlords felt tenants should share the responsibility, while over half (51%) believed tenants should not be involved at all.

The report also highlighted a knowledge gap regarding available grants, with 52% of landlords admitting they were not well-informed about their options.

Gail Parker, director of low carbon homes at British Gas, stressed the need for collaboration between the government and the industry to provide landlords with the knowledge and financial support needed to make their properties more energy-efficient.

"It’s key that we work with the government and the industry to ensure they have the ability to make these changes easily and affordably," Parker said. "We are calling for more focus to be made on the issue to help make homes more energy efficient for everybody, not just people who own their own properties."

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