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  • Mal McCallion

It's you - but on a much, much better day

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

AI startup is trying to help you be beautiful. is hoping to help you look much better than you currently do.

No offence, obviously.

However, they believe that there's little doubt your online headshot could be improved with just a little attention - and some AI magic.

I'm not sure that the world is yet ready for LinkedIn profiles that are so very different to real life - I mean, at some stage you have to actually meet these people, right, and the 'digital makeover' they perform isn't just a softening filter on a Zoom call.

No doubt these things will be more prevalent, more impressive - and more likely to drive us to distrust anyone that won't actually meet us in person.

In the meantime, your photo-business card could show everyone just how good you might have looked, if you'd put in a bit more effort ...

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