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Grimes Launches Grok: The Screen-Free AI Plushie

Image Credits: Curio

In the toy realm, we're witnessing a new star: "Grok", a character brought to life by none other than the multi-talented Grimes for Curio's fresh line of AI plushies.

But don't get it twisted, this Grok isn't linked to Elon Musk's AI chatbot of the same name.

Grimes' Grok is part of a trio of toys designed to spark play and creativity. Grok, a talking rocket ship, Gabbo, a cuddly Gameboy lookalike, and Grem, a heart-cheeked bunny, are all set to engage young minds in dynamic conversations, moving away from the static prompts of traditional toys.

These plushies are more than just cute; they're smart. Encased within each toy is a rechargeable, Wi-Fi-connected speaker and mic, which links to an app allowing parents to monitor and set up interactions. The toys can answer questions, play games, and help kids develop listening and conversation skills.

Grimes' vision for Grok and friends? To replace iPads and screens with verbal, interactive play that nudges children's brains to work a little bit harder.

Despite the name overlap with Musk's AI, Grimes' Grok was trademarked first. So, it seems the world of AI has its own case of "Who wore it better?" But in the spirit of play, Grimes hopes the two Groks might become friends. After all, even AI can't escape the playground tradition of meeting another kid with the same name!

Pre-orders for the beta versions of these toys are open until Sunday, priced at $99 each. They're set to ship in early 2024, ready to spark imagination and conversation in the next generation of thinkers and dreamers.

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