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  • Mal McCallion

Gove to hove out of housing view?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Speculation is mounting that Michael Gove will be reshuffled off the housing coil, in another bout of Cabinet swivel-chair-switching by Rishi Sunak.

Having already put up with 15 Housing Secretaries since 2010, our industry could really do without another short-term focus-switch from that Department's overlord, just as various crises come to a head. Take your pick from the lack of affordable rents, to landlords further leaving the market, to mortgage rates, to NIMBYs, to an almost infinite list of others.

However, in a now classic 'deckchair/Titanic' political move, the Government is more bothered about being 'Election-Ready' and its own short-term survival than it is about the long-term interests of pretty much everybody else. This is terrible but also completely expected behaviour. One can only hope that, once the General Election is finally out of the way, whoever comes in actually sits and looks at this critical area of the economy - and people's lives - and gives it the attention it deserves.

I've hoped that after each of the last three Elections, to be fair though, and there has been no significant benefit arising in housing from any of them. But we can still hope, of course.

Fourth time's a charm ...

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