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Google's Bard Advanced: A Paid, Ultra-Powered Upgrade

Image credits: The Verge

Google, the tech giant, is reportedly developing an 'advanced' version of its Bard tool.

This upgraded version, aptly named "Bard Advanced", is set to be available via a paid subscription to Google One. This exciting news was shared by developer Dylan Roussel on the social media platform, X.

Bard Advanced is expected to be powered by Gemini Ultra, Google's top-tier large language model (LLM). This is a significant upgrade from the current Bard version, which operates on the mid-tier Gemini Pro. Roussel's shared screenshots describe Bard Advanced as a "more capable large language model with advanced math and reasoning skills."

In addition to Bard Advanced, Google is reportedly working on a feature codenamed Motoko, which could allow users to create custom bots. However, it remains unclear whether these bots will be shareable or if users will need to pay for access.

Another intriguing feature is a new "power up" that uses AI to enhance and improve the prompts you feed to Bard. Other potential updates include a "Gallery" section, a new "tasks" tab for tracking longer jobs Bard is working on, and a customisable background for shared Bard prompts.

While these features are yet to be officially confirmed, they indicate Google's commitment to enhancing Bard. Over the past months, Google has made several upgrades to Bard, including real-time response capabilities and the ability to answer YouTube-related queries, as it competes with rivals like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot.

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