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Elon Musk: The Eccentric Genius Shaping Our Future

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

In the world of business, there's one name that consistently stands out - Elon Musk.

The enigmatic entrepreneur, with his hands in everything from electric cars to space travel, is a fascinating figure. But what makes him tick?

The Guardian's David Runciman, spent months following the same Twitter accounts as Elon Musk, in an attempt to understand the thoughts and ideas of the world's richest man. Let's dive into the curious world of Musk.

Musk, the man behind Tesla, SpaceX, and now Twitter, is a force to be reckoned with. His businesses are as diverse as they are ambitious - from creating electric cars to revolutionising space travel and even dabbling in brain-computer interfaces. And let's not forget his recent acquisition of Twitter, which raised many an eyebrow.

Despite his larger-than-life persona, Musk is not your typical billionaire. He's a self-proclaimed family man, with 11 children from three different women. His Twitter following is colossal, with a whopping 155 million followers. But unlike many celebrities, Musk only follows 415 accounts, offering us a unique glimpse into his world.

His Twitter feed is a mix of conventional and unconventional. He follows world leaders and news outlets, yet also engages with Tesla enthusiasts and contrarian thinkers. It's a blend of the expected and the unexpected, much like Musk himself.

Musk's Twitterverse also reveals his contrarian worldview. He's sceptical of Covid restrictions, pro-Russia, and concerned about the decline of western civilisation. He's also a fan of classical heritage and traditional architecture, often lamenting, "Why can't we make buildings like that anymore?"

Despite his controversial views, Musk isn't a troll. He engages with his followers, often injecting a note of caution or a deadpan comment. He's also not afraid of failure or looking ridiculous - a trait that's served him well in his risk-taking ventures.

Musk's Twitter feed also reveals his love for the visual. He's drawn to arresting images - from cool-looking gadgets to awe-inspiring pictures of space. His tastes oscillate between the classical and the futuristic, reflecting his unique perspective on the world.

Following Musk's Twitter feed offers a unique insight into the mind of one of the most influential figures of our time. It's a world that's as fascinating as it is perplexing, much like the man himself. Whether you agree with his views or not, there's no denying that Elon Musk is a visionary shaping our future in his own eccentric way.

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