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Elon Musk's X Defends Student Over Controversial Posts

Image credits: Reuters

Elon Musk's social media platform, X, has stepped up to defend a US university student facing disciplinary proceedings for his posts.

The University of Illinois student, Juan David Campolargo, was accused of violating the school’s student code of conduct after promoting an event on X as an open gathering with free food, when it was a closed conference.

Campolargo faced the risk of conduct probation and expulsion from campus housing due to this disciplinary action. Lawyers at Schaerr Jaffe, representing Campolargo with X Corp's support, warned the university of a potential violation of the student's rights if they upheld the preliminary findings against him.

This move aligns with Musk's self-proclaimed "free speech absolutist" stance. In August, Musk pledged to fund legal bills and sue on behalf of X users who believe they have been "unfairly treated" due to their activity on the platform. This promise comes despite Musk's efforts to control X's costs.

Despite the applause from his followers and libertarian tech figures for his free speech stance, Musk's loosening of X's moderation policies has driven away advertisers concerned about their marketing appearing alongside toxic content.

The university stated it was not familiar with the letter or allegations, and could not comment on specific students due to federal privacy laws. Schaerr Jaffe confirmed it had sent a letter earlier this week and that it was providing assistance with support from X, but declined to comment further.

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