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ElevenLabs: The New Unicorn in Voice AI Scene

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In the ever-evolving world of tech, the latest sensation to hit the headlines is ElevenLabs, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup that has now officially entered the prestigious unicorn club.

The London-based firm has seen its valuation skyrocket to a whopping $1.1 billion following its recent Series B funding round.

This fresh injection of $80 million, led by venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz and featuring participation from Sequoia Capital among others, has propelled the company's valuation tenfold from its previous $100 million in 2023. This meteoric rise is a testament to the growing investor interest in generative AI technology, a field where ElevenLabs is making significant strides.

The startup's claim to fame is its innovative AI models and tools that can create AI-generated voices. These voices aren't just your run-of-the-mill robotic speech; they come with a variety of languages, accents, and even emotions. It's no wonder then that ElevenLabs' customer base is expanding, spanning individual content creators to big-name enterprises like Storytel, Paradox Interactive, and The Washington Post.

The firm's CEO, Mati Staniszewski, shared that their technology is even being used by political campaign staff in the US to connect with voters who speak foreign languages. However, Staniszewski emphasises the importance of transparency when using AI content, advocating for clear identification and traceability of AI-generated audio.

ElevenLabs isn't just stopping at voice generation. They're also developing a marketplace for users to generate AI voices and earn by licensing them. Their product portfolio includes AI Speech Classifier, a tool to identify AI-generated audio content, and they're also focusing on dubbing for movies.

Despite the competition from other AI companies like OpenAI, ElevenLabs is carving its niche by focusing on both research and workflow layer. With plans to expand their global remote workforce to 100 by year-end, ElevenLabs is set to continue its exciting journey in the realm of voice AI. Watch this space, folks!

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