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Domino's and Microsoft: A Tasty AI Partnership

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Pizza and tech - a match made in heaven?😋

Domino's, the world's largest pizza company, and Microsoft, the tech giant, certainly think so. They've recently announced a partnership that will see them using generative AI technology and cloud computing power to revolutionise pizza ordering and store operations.

The aim? To enhance the customer experience by personalising and simplifying the ordering process. But it's not just about making it easier for us to get our hands on a delicious slice of pizza. The partnership will also focus on making store operations smarter, simpler, and more robust.

Domino's has already been dabbling in data and AI capabilities with Microsoft as its primary cloud provider. This has led to the development of a generative AI assistant powered by Azure OpenAI Service. This assistant is designed to help store managers save time on daily tasks such as inventory management, ingredient ordering, and staff scheduling. The goal is to free up store managers so they can focus more on team member experience and customer service.

But the collaboration doesn't stop there. Domino's and Microsoft have big plans to continue meeting the changing demands of consumers with Microsoft's pioneering AI capabilities, backed by Azure. They're setting up an Innovation Lab, where leaders from both companies will work with world-class engineers to accelerate the time to market for smart store and ordering innovations.

The partnership is also committed to responsible AI practices that protect customer data and privacy. Domino's expects to begin piloting generative AI-powered solutions to stores and customers within the next six months.

In the words of Kelly Garcia, Domino's executive vice president – chief technology officer, "Our collaboration over the next five years will help us serve millions of customers with consistent and engaging ordering experiences, while supporting our corporate stores, franchisees, and their respective team members with tools to make store operations more efficient and reliable."

So, next time you order a pizza, you might just be tasting the future of AI innovation. Now, that's a slice of tech we can all get behind!😋😋

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