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Clubhouse's New AI: Texts Turned into Personalised Voice Messages

Image Credits: Clubhouse

Clubhouse, the audio-based social platform, is making a comeback with a nifty new feature. In an effort to revamp its appeal, the app now allows users to send text messages that are converted into voice messages, mimicking the sender's voice.

The concept is simple yet ingenious. If you're in a situation where you can't send voice messages, simply type out your message and let Clubhouse's AI do the rest. The app uses a custom voice trained by the user, converting your typed text into a voice message that sounds just like you. Your friends will see an indicator showing that an AI voice is reading out the message.

Clubhouse believes this feature will maintain the feeling of real-time chat, bridging the gap between talking and typing. The company claims that its AI can closely recreate your voice after training with just a few phrases. However, it does admit that the AI struggles with laughter, so perhaps avoid typing "hahaha"!

For those uncomfortable recording their voice, Clubhouse offers an alternative. The app can generate a voice of its own, likely using a text-to-speech model.

This feature is currently only available in the US. Clubhouse, which once raised funds at a $4 billion valuation, has seen its user base dwindle over the years. However, it's banking on these AI-powered features to revitalise user engagement and keep the platform alive.

Despite a successful 2021 with 35 million downloads, Clubhouse's popularity has dipped significantly. According to Sensor Tower, the app only saw 3 million downloads last year, and its monthly active users in January 2024 were down by 93% compared to its peak in June 2021. Will this innovative AI feature be enough to turn the tide? Only time will tell.

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