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Chestertons' Green Initiative: Pedalling Towards a Cleaner Future

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Ready to trade your car keys for a bike helmet? Chestertons is on a mission to get Londoners cycling by summer 2024, and you're invited to join the ride!

In a new initiative with e-Bike partner Forest, Chestertons aims to get 5,000 of its customers and clients cycling. This ambitious goal isn't just about promoting a healthier lifestyle; it's also about protecting our environment. If successful, this initiative could prevent up to 60,000kg of CO2 emissions from polluting our atmosphere.

To get the wheels turning, Chestertons is encouraging everyone - clients, customers, and staff - to sign up for a free Forest account. As a thank you, you'll receive an initial 30 free minutes of cycling and an additional 10 free minutes every day.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Chestertons has also launched the 'Chestertons Cycle Club' in collaboration with Forest. This club will host events and offer members the chance to claim extra free minutes throughout the year. The first 100 members to sign up will receive an hour of free cycling - that's enough for four trips between Kensington and Mayfair!

Chestertons has already tested the waters with an e-Bike trial for 30 of its staff. The trial was a success, with over 500 ride journeys completed, saving an estimated 53kg of CO2. Fion Wang, manager of the Chestertons Cycle Club, is optimistic about the initiative's impact, noting that it will not only improve London's air quality but also people's health.

Despite the winter chill, Chestertons is confident in the initiative's appeal and is prepared to tackle any teething issues ahead of a major push in the spring.

In a final show of partnership, Forest will feature Chestertons' branches on its in-app map, supporting Chestertons' upcoming Winter Coat Drive campaign. So, as you pedal towards a greener future, don't forget to drop off your warm jackets and coats at any Chestertons branch.

So, Londoners, it's time to get on your bikes and ride towards a cleaner, healthier future!

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