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Burger King's Whopper Contest: AI Meets Heritage

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Burger King, a fast-food giant, is taking its iconic "Have it your way" slogan to the next level.

Celebrating 50 years of its promise of customised burger orders, the brand has launched the Million Dollar Whopper Contest. This contest, powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI), allows customers to create their own Whopper for a chance to win a whopping $1 million!

The contest, which began on February 5th, invites customers to input up to eight ingredients via the BK App or a dedicated microsite. Burger King's generative AI then brings these customised burgers to life, complete with a unique jingle. The result is a shareable image and video that customers can flaunt across social media platforms.

According to Burger King CMO Pat O’Toole, the contest is a fun and exciting way to interact with customers, with nearly half of them customising their Whoppers. The contest also ties into the brand's marketing priorities around customisation and engaging customers with their Royal Perks loyalty programme.

The use of generative AI, despite its critics and risks, is a testament to Burger King's penchant for marketing bets at the forefront of technology. The AI experience, created by Media.Monks, allows users to add up to eight ingredients to their Whopper creations, with only their imagination as the limit.

The contest's AI-fuelled experience took about three to four months to complete, including R&D, backend planning, and QA planning. The result is a scalable, secure, and fast solution that combines Media.Monks' creative and technical expertise.

In conclusion, Burger King's Million Dollar Whopper Contest is a fun, interactive, and innovative way to engage customers. It showcases the brand's commitment to customisation and its readiness to embrace AI technology, all while staying true to its heritage. So, if you're feeling creative and hungry, why not try your hand at creating your own Whopper? Who knows, you might just be the next millionaire!

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