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Brave and Arc Browsers Embrace AI Revolution

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Get ready to surf the web in a whole new way!

Privacy-conscious browsers, Brave and Arc, are shaking things up by integrating generative AI into their platforms. This new tech isn't just about content creation anymore; it's set to revolutionise web browsing as we know it.

Arc, the sleek creation from the Browser Company, now allows users to set Perplexity as their default search engine. Perplexity, a generative AI search engine, is a rising star in the tech world, boasting intelligent, up-to-date summaries and source links. Many users already prefer it to traditional search engines like Google and Bing. With this integration, Arc opens up a new world of users for Perplexity, helping to refine its AI models and build a loyal user base.

But Brave isn't lagging behind. This privacy-focused browser is supercharging its AI chatbot assistant, Leo, with Mixtral 8x7B. Developed by French startup Mistral, Mixtral 8x7B is an open-source Large Language Model (LLM) based on Meta's Llama, and it's a powerhouse. Third-party benchmarks have shown it to be one of the most potent LLMs currently available. Users can choose between Mixtral 8x7B, Claude Instant by Anthropic, or Llama 2 13B from Meta to power their Leo assistant experience.

While Brave and Arc may only hold a tiny fraction of the total desktop web browser market share, their innovative approach to integrating AI tools is a clear signal of where they believe the future of web browsing is headed. The focus is on an AI-driven user experience, where an AI search engine or chatbot assistant can summarise content and engage users in a Q&A or dialogue about it.

So, what's next? Will the legacy market leaders like Google, Microsoft, and Apple follow suit? And more importantly, will consumers embrace these cutting-edge features? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure - the future of web browsing is here, and it's AI-powered.

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