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Bing Chat's New Features: A Leap in Accessibility

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Microsoft's Bing Chat is currently in Preview, but it's not stopping the tech giant from making it a more comprehensive and reliable tool.

Last week, Bing Chat introduced a couple of exciting features, enhancing accessibility and offering better cross-device support.

The first addition is the 'Continue on phone' feature for Bing Chat on the Edge browser on desktop. This feature allows you to carry on your AI chats on your mobile device. To activate this, hover your mouse cursor in the upper-right corner of the last chat response, and a QR code will appear. Scan this code with your phone, and voila, you can resume your chat session. However, remember to have Microsoft Edge or Bing mobile apps installed on your phone and use the same Microsoft account on both devices.

The second update is Bing Chat's integration into the Microsoft Launcher beta. After a week of testing, Bing Chat is now available on your Android phone home screen through Microsoft Launcher. But worry not, if you're not a Microsoft Launcher user, you can still pin the Bing widget on your home screen by installing the Bing mobile app.

Microsoft encourages feedback on these new features and promises to continue adding new functionalities to Bing Chat weekly. So, stay tuned for more updates!

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