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Anthropic Unveils Claude Pro: The Premium AI Chatbot Plan

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Image Credits: Anthropic

Ever wondered what happens when a group of ex-OpenAI employees come together?

The answer is Anthropic, an AI startup that's shaking up the chatbot scene. They've just announced their first consumer-facing premium subscription plan, Claude Pro, for their AI-powered, text-analysing chatbot, Claude 2.

For a monthly fee of $20 in the U.S. or £18 in the U.K., subscribers can enjoy 5x more usage than the free tier, send more messages, and gain priority access during peak times. They'll even get early access to new features. Sounds like a bargain, right?

Claude Pro is priced on par with OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus, a direct competitor. But why choose Claude over ChatGPT? According to Anthropic, users prefer Claude for its longer context windows, faster outputs, and superior reasoning capabilities.

With Claude Pro, subscribers can send at least 100 messages to Claude 2 every eight hours. That's double the limit imposed on ChatGPT Plus subscribers. But why the limit? It's all down to capacity. Running a model as capable as Claude 2 requires powerful computers, especially when dealing with large attachments and lengthy conversations.

While AI chatbots like Claude 2 are costly to host, Anthropic has ambitious plans. They're aiming to create a "next-gen algorithm for AI self-teaching", which could be used to build virtual assistants capable of answering emails, conducting research, and even generating art and books.

Since its launch in 2021, Anthropic has raised $1.45 billion and currently has thousands of customers and partners. But they're not stopping there. They estimate they'll need a whopping $5 billion over the next two years to realise their AI vision.

So, whether you're a power user looking to integrate Claude into your daily workflows or just curious about the future of AI, keep an eye on Anthropic. They're one to watch!

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